Wild Chicken University


Date Info
01.14.2023 We heard about some students using ChatGPT in their application essay, guess we WCU dont have to worry about that since we don't require any essay at all.
02.15.2022 Worrying about the lower court order that requires UC Berkeley to freeze student enrollment at the same level as 2020-21? Consider Wild Chicken University!
02.15.2022 Apologies to all the folks that contacted WCU. I am busy preparing for something, and I don't have enough time for a complete redesign of this website.
01.13.2022 We are now a proud member of the U4 Group of GitHub Research Universities.


We realize you've been anxiously awaiting your decision from Wild Chicken and want to let you know that your application status will never be "under review". (You might realize that this is copied from UC Berkeley's email)

We do understand how bad you feel when you get a rejection letter from the university, that's why we won't say “We regret that we are unable to offer you admission.”

NO fees💰️ to apply. NO supplements📝 to submit. NO extra essays to write.
Screw flywire, nobody likes your currency conversion rate

Good Luck on your college app!

Too old for universities? Get your free diploma then

our diploma is recognized by members of the U4 Group of GitHub Research Universities; and probably all the McDonald's with a working ice cream machine.

A diploma is a document awarded by an educational institution (such as a college or university) testifying the recipient has graduated by successfully completing their courses of studies. Historically, it has also referred to a charter or official document of diplomacy. (source: wikipedia)


Wild Chicken University (also known as a diploma mill or degree mill) is an organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas with substandard or no academic study and without recognition by official educational accrediting bodies. The purchaser can then claim to hold an academic degree, and the organization is motivated by making a profit. These degrees are often awarded based on vaguely construed life experience. Some such organizations claim accreditation by non-recognized/unapproved accrediting bodies set up for the purposes of providing a veneer of authenticity. While the terms "degree mill" and "diploma mill" are commonly used interchangeably, within the academic community a distinction is sometimes drawn:

  • A "degree mill" issues "real" diplomas from non regionally accredited "universities", which may be legal in some states but are generally illegitimate universities.
  • A "diploma mill" issues counterfeit diplomas which bear the names of legitimate universities.

Copied from: Wild Chicken University on Facebook(or should we call it Meta?)


We've made a mascot for Wild Chicken University. Of course, it is a chicken 🐔️.
Note that your browser must support WebGL.

Why this simple HTML site?

What else are you expecting from Wild Chicken University? React.js/Vue.js?

No money to fund our devs(lol just me)


Donations with no strings attached are always appreciated.

Our XMR address: 82msVko36MjhAcmSfeEGExUbLvyRMnS7kCYUa7ZHZNeTUWMHm69HhndKYFJSnEgjM9JypkeaLqgtWD46xBkpzJ2J4xddHap


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  • Our logo is borrowed from UPenn; signed by our beloved director of admission, Colonel Harland David Sanders, the founder of KFC(cuz we are chicken university).
  • The design for the admission portal is mostly copied from Northwestern since they rejected me. And I thought this can be a joke to me
  • The content of the admission offer is copied from Stanford as I am too lazy to write them myself.
  • The content of the rejection letter is copied from Northwestern since they are my ed school and they rejected me lmfao
  • The logo and the web design(and everything also) is a parody, which according to Section 30A of the CDPA fair dealing with a copyrighted work for the purposes of caricature, parody, or pastiche is allowed; please refer to Cornell Law School's website for more information.
  • If you no longer wish to continue your application to Wild Chicken, you can go BUY some Chicken McNuggets®.
  • NO chickens🐓️ were harmed during the creation of this website.
  • NOTHING, except the hash-tag part at the very beginning of this page, ON THIS PAGE IS SERIOUS